Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A is for Autumn......................

.......away, airport, American Airlines, aboard, across 
(the pond), Austria (and Hungary and Czech Republic!), 
adventure, awesome...and almost time!

On our way tonight - Raleigh to London to Budapest.
Enjoy life while I'm away. I'll try to stop by and 
read your posts but may be unable to comment.....
will see how things go regarding Internet access etc.


  1. Have a great trip.. I am looking forward to your amazing photos when you return..As always, I do my armchair traveling with you

  2. Mary, have an awesome trip! A safe one too! I can't wait to see you photos, they are always so good! Take care!

  3. Lovely collage to leave behind - good fun on your trip.

  4. Have fun! Can't wait to see all the great things you do there! And I'll be taking notes for my trip to Prague!

  5. God Speed dear Mary and Bob - have the time of your life!!!
    Much love and hugs

  6. Oh, enjoy yourself to the full. Eat lovely pastries in coffee shops, absorb the ambiance of these lovely, gracious cities, and we'll look forward to seeing your photos upon your return.

  7. Such a lovely photo collage! Have a fun and safe trip!!!


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