Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rise and shine in Budapest...............

 Early morning goodbye to beautiful Budapest.....looking 
across the Danube from the heights of Buda on Castle Hill, 
to the Parliament building on Pest's shoreline.
Image from the window of the breakfast room.

From our hotel room window, next door to 
St. Matthias' Church on Buda's Castle Hill........the stunning 
sunrise across the river to Pest.

We've just arrived in Vienna by train. The weather has 
changed, thick fog hanging over the city, 
definitely not conducive to taking photos today. 
Sunshine expected for tomorrow though....fingers crossed. 

Not complaining though - a tap at the door just 
brought a smiling Austrian bearing gifts. 
An early Birthday celebration for this evening - thanks 
to Hilton Hotels!

P.S. Just enjoyed a piece of cake. They were right, 
nothing can beat Viennese pastries, this is marvelous, wish
I could share it with you!!!


  1. I loved my visit to Budapest a few years back - we visited the Zoo and the Terror House among other great places. Also the out-of-town sculpture park

  2. Happy Birthday Mary ! What a beautiful place to celebrate turning 21 :) I look forward to more photos, besos, C

  3. Wonderful Mary - is your birthday today? if so, Happy Birthday.
    Spectacular photos from Budapest this morning.

  4. Happy Birthday, Mary! Your husband has chosen a wonderful celebration - and we are lucky to be brought along for the view!.....if not a taste of that treat!

  5. Happy Birthday, Mary. I hope your celebration is wonderful! Such gorgeous cities you're visiting.

  6. Wow! Those photos are breathtaking! You have an excellent view from your hotel room. Happy birthday!

  7. OH such beauty - I'm enjoying your trip with you - now if I just had a piece of cake.

  8. What gorgeous photos! I love the light and colours in them. Your special dessert sure looks tasty. Happy Day to you!! Hugs, Pam

  9. Happy birthday Mary. I have sent you an email with a link to my new blog.


  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest Mary - you've come of age!!!!
    Bob has given you a special gift for a special birthday - one you'll reminisce on together with such fond memories!
    Oh the cake - I'm salivating like a puppy as I imagine those silky layers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Exquisite images of day breaking in beautiful Budapest - the tile work on the church roof is quite similar to the Burgundy designs... lovely.
    I can't wait to see Vienna through your eyes so I'm praying the fog will lift for tomorrow's photo shoot!
    Much love and warm birthday hugs
    Shane xox

  11. That sunrise is breathtaking! What an amazing sight to see. Cake and champagne in Vienna - a perfect way to celebrate!

  12. Happy happy birthday
    From this old girl to you.
    I wish it was my birthday
    So I could party too.

  13. Happy birthday! What a way to celebrate!

  14. Wow! Looks good enough to eat. Sorry I missed this - happy belated birthday Mary!

  15. What a special celebration! Happy Birthday to you, over and over again.
    The colors in the first two pictures takes my breathe away, just awesome.


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