Sunday, October 13, 2013

Home sweet home.................. went smoothly yesterday from Prague to London, 
then on across the pond back to Raleigh.

The strange part was actually being home in England but only for an hour between flights. We kicked ourselves for not staying over for at least a day........especially as the tight connection didn't allow for any quick airport shopping. It was just a mad dash through the terminal, one gate to another, sighing as the names such as Harrods, Zara, Boots, W.H.Smith, flashed by in a blur.......and the credit cards stayed in our bags!

I'm up early - ten hours of sleep felt good but jet lag will hang on for a couple of days. I'm still tired and stiff from aircraft seats. I've a mountain of things to accomplish this coming week after unpacking, laundry, opening a huge stack of mail. The garden is a wreck, medical appointments must be kept, and packing up a lot of household stuff - such as everything in this photo - is planned. No, not moving, but have an exciting project scheduled for the cottage soon - more on this later. 

Thanks for following me along on the trip. I'll be stopping by to visit you soon.....although I read your posts while traveling I couldn't always comment. Seeing those beautiful cities was a fabulous way to celebrate my upcoming big birthday - yes it's still to actually arrive, so perhaps I'll celebrate again on the actual day. 

An oops! edit: Just started the pile of laundry and the washing machine decided to welcome us by overflowing. Fortunately we were close by and mopped up the mini flood with towels........a service guy is needed fast. I have a great travel partner but he's no handyman about the house!


  1. There's always lots to catch up on when you get home from a trip isn't there? Hope you got the washing machine sorted oit OK.

  2. Dear Mary, Welcome home and Happy Birthday one more time. I always celebrate my Birthday a month before and a month after. After all, what is more important than your Birthday day. I enjoyed following you on your trip and especially loved the beautiful morning sunrises and the gorgeous evening sunsets. ox, Gina

  3. Welcome home - I've enjoyed your photos so much, I am astonished at the beauty of each place. I can't wait to see lots more photos.

  4. It always feels good to get home after a trip like that. I agree about Heathrow. Great shopping there.

  5. So glad you're both home safe and sound Mary, and just think of the money you saved by NOT having that stop-over ;o)
    Hope the washer is fixed soon.
    Rose H

  6. You most definitely should celebrate again on the actual day! And perhaps every day between now and then too if only in tiny little ways. Hope the laundry has sorted itself out and the washer is working well again. Welcome home, take it easy in between your tasks and it'll all get done in good time. Hugs.

  7. Dearest Mary
    your whirlwind European sojourn has sadly come to an end - what a feast of art and culture you gave us while you were there!
    Yes I know the airport connections drama!
    I nearly missed a flight in Japan last year - there was only an hour between arriving from Paris and taking off for Auckland!!! Stress levels were at maximum!
    From the ridiculous to the sublime as this year I had a 9 hour wait in Shanghai!!!!
    Just catch up on home things - we'll always be here for you later - RELAX Mary dear!

    Much love and welcome home hugs
    Shane x

  8. Welcome home Mary. Glad you had a wonderful trip and are settling back in. That's too bad about the washer but at least it's repairable. Relax and get your rest. Blessings, Pamela

  9. Welcome home, Mary. If I were you I'd milk this birthday for all it's worth :).
    Not a very nice welcome from your washing machine. Hope it is all back to normal soon.
    Loved following along on your trip. Beautiful photos!

  10. So good to hear you made it safely home. Oh dear on the overflow! Yes, for sure you deserve something special on the actual day.
    Now I look forward to hearing what you project will be. We are talking about doing some painting indoors, but it won't happen until after the holidays.
    Love, Marilyn

  11. I so enjoyed traveling with you! Glad you are home safe, but sorry you are having washing machine issues!

  12. Welcome home, Mary. I enjoyed traveling with you via photos to those beautiful Old World cities.


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