Thursday, October 10, 2013

Prague..........a walking tour

Yesterday, up and out early morning, cloudy but dry, so 
much to see. The entire day kept us moving on those 
endless cobblestones, from Old Town 
where our hotel was located, across the Vltava River 
by tram to Prague Castle on the hill. Then back again 
on foot down the castle steps, across the 
Charles Bridge, around the town, along the river to find 
"the restaurant" which was fabulous - cross my heart, and I'm
hopefully losing weight despite those Viennese pastries 
of a few days ago! 
I'm married to a sightseeing bloke who loves to walk, 
then walk some more, blisters and all!

Must admit last night I just about collapsed on 
reaching the hotel, never been so tired and so 
achy - it was a tough but awesome day.

Don't forget to click on images to enlarge for beautiful details
on these historic buildings.

 Looked around the local street market first.......

............then off through the winding streets and open 
squares where looking up was always a feast for the senses.

I think this is the most elegant Starbucks location 
I've ever encountered however we passed it by and 
headed toward a Czech cafe......."when in Rome do as the 
Romans do" way of thinking. 

Reaching Prague Castle on top of the hill took a little effort as we hopped off the tram at the wrong stop. After conversing exchanging hand signals/pointing with a lovely young lady who spoke no English, and of course we do not speak Czech, who tried to help us, she told us she was from Serbia! Somehow we eventually got there and enjoyed views from the hillside...........more pics from the castle and other 
places soon.


  1. Oh my!!! A feast for the eyes is a huge understatement. The colors, the beauty! I have a new place on my bucket list. You look like you're enjoying yourselves. Perfect!

  2. Oh dear Mary I can feel your exhaustion - what a day!
    If I never get to Prague I've got the next best thing with my daughters photos and your post today - YOU my darling would make the most wonderful tour guide!!!
    I know how much research you put into this trip beforehand and it's paid off.
    The architecture is out of this world - we are so lucky that these beautiful buildings were spared during WW2 bombing raids.
    I DEFINITELY would have passed Starbucks too!
    Soak it all up and store it away to revisit in your memories when you are home.
    much love

  3. So amazing! I love the picture of you and Bob....

  4. Mary, your wanderlust is winning out over your poor feet, much to our gain (gorgeous pictures!), but you need to put those dogs up more often!


  5. Beautiful photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  6. I love that you look up, such beauty.
    Also love, love the photo of you and your beloved.
    Happy travels home.

  7. Lovely colourful photos. Like you I did an awful lot of walking in Prague but it's worth the tired feet to see all the wonderful buildings.

  8. We love walking, walking, walking, too! Especially in a new country. Just returned from Malaysia where we opted for Asian food. I have to say, once we made the mistake of giving in and choosing Tony Roma's -- never, ever again! The Western chains serve portions that could feed an army. :/


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