Friday, October 11, 2013

Prague Castle and more........................

It is truly a magnificent complex. Since the 9th century, 
the castle has been the seat of the central state and church, 
and is now the official seat of the Czech president.

Click pics to enlarge!

Looking out from the castle walls, the city's 
old-world charm is palpable. Woven into Prague's 
legendary history is a sky scape of a hundred 
Baroque spires and endless red tiled roofs.......this 
largest city in a country still coming to life 
after 41 years of communism, which ended in 1989, 
is now Eastern Europe's major hub with 1.2 million people.

Looking toward the pedestrian Charles Bridge crossing the 
Vltava River, the longest waterway in the Czech Republic.

One end of the Charles Bridge........

..........where boats await tourists, and padlocks 
decorate the railings - that newlywed 
custom which I also viewed in Russia.
A new friend.............we seem to gather them 
along the way. An especially nice aspect of 
travel to different places is meeting interesting people.
Amalia is travel agent from the country of Georgia......
her company sent her to Prague on a trip and we 
really enjoyed spending little time on the 
Charles Bridge with her, learning about her country and life.

More walking, always looking up at the beautiful 
architecture, and down at the cobblestones.....

..........then back at Prague Castle on the hill. 
The trees are changing now, rain held off until last 
evening and this morning is quite a bit colder. We'll 
take a walk for some last views before heading to our 
airport hotel for tonight. Early morning flight home 
via London tomorrow, Saturday. 


  1. It's a while now we are thinking of Prague as a probable vacation destination and after reading your posts I'm really looking to this!

  2. The architecture there is exquisite! I can't believe that your trip is coming to an end already. Best wishes to a safe trip home! I'll do the linkup for you as soon as your challenge post is published.

  3. Is it time to come home already?! I just can't get over how much beautiful detail there seems to be everywhere your camera has been pointed.

  4. Hello dear Mary
    The decorative paint works on the exterior of the Church are incredible.
    Prague is inspirational - wonderful architecture with surprises at every turn.
    How on earth are your hands and arms bearing up dear Mary?
    Maybe Bob has taken over the camera duties!
    Thank you for taking me on your "Taste of Europe" - it's been amazing!! I could do it all over again!!
    much love

    1. No Shane, Bob is the first to admit he's useless with a camera!!! I've done OK by using just the small Nikon - nothing big, heavy and bulky which would have been hard for my arms and hands..
      Glad you enjoyed traveling along dear - thanks for the comments.
      Warmest hugs - Mary

  5. gorgeous!
    curious? In Dubrovnik the red roof were those bombed in previous wars and the red was to signify the rebuilding. So now when I see red roofs I wonder if that is the same in other cities?
    isn't it wonderful to connect with special people when you travel just as an individual or couple? That is my favorite thing about traveling alone as we are more accessible to connections. This one is just lovely.

  6. These buildings are so very beautiful. Such incredible planning and skill to achieve all this. But the horrible housewife inside me keeps asking about the dust, the cobwebs, the insects, and the fungii. How on earth do the people keep the ants, mice and cockroaches under control when the ceilings are so high and the walls are rich with treasures? Who pays to have statues dusted and maintained? What about mildew and all those kinds of mould?

  7. Almost missed this one, Mary. Wonderful pictures of this beautiful city with so much to see. It's hard to believe you're on your way home. Hugs, Pamela

  8. I've really enjoyed looking at your photos, they've brought back some lovely memories.


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