Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Leaving Vienna.......................

More time would have been good.......more time without fog would have been better!
The city is beautiful....rather complicated to get around.
With each turn of a corner there was something lovely to look at.

Must love you and leave............off to catch 
another train this morning, this one headed to Prague.  
I can hardly wait!


  1. Dear Mary, So sorry that you had so much fog in Vienna. Vienna is beautiful when the sun shines. Still, you took a fine group of photographs, especially those of the Caryatids.

  2. What a lovely time of year to be in Europe. I know it sounds shallow and superficial, but I like to travel when I can wear decent clothes - hate to be hot and wearing inadequate summer footwear! My but that makes me sound old and crotchety!!

  3. I am so enjoying every one of your posts and the pictures. This one in particular was special because it is the city where my maternal grandmother was born.

  4. The statues are just so detailed and beautiful. I would be standing for hours just taking all the detail in. Safe journey to Prague.

  5. Vienna certainly seems to be a feast for the eyes.

  6. Beautiful photos. Keep shooting and sharing with us...and safe travels!

  7. I have heard from others that Vienna is beautiful to visit.
    From your photographs I see a touch of that beauty and can agree.

  8. Oh dear Mary, I so wanted Vienna to shine for you!
    You've given me a taste - beautiful images - thankyou.

    I relate to Pondside's comment - I "do" winter clothes and shoes better than summery ones - maybe it's an age thing!
    Much love and hugs and fingers crossed that Prague's weather is kinder than Vienna.

  9. Vienna is a place I'd like to revisit. Spent two days there a few years ago. You've captured some beautiful sights.

  10. Thanks for sharing Vienna and Prague on my bucket list

  11. Oh the pictures are fabulous I so enjoyed seeing them since I will never get there in person

  12. The green in the dome just jumped out at me with the neutrals all around.
    Gorgeous sights!

  13. What a shame about the fog - Vienna is full of wonderful buildings but there's no doubt that they look better in the sunshine:)


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