Monday, October 21, 2013

European dressing and dogs...............

OK, today 'tis the dog lovers turn after all those 
European kitties in yesterday's post!
I think dogs are wonderful but prefer they make 
their homes with other people.
Here are some adorable Austrian dogs from the very 
clean streets of Vienna, caught as I tried 
to get a few 'fashion shots' on a gloomy day.

Click for the details -

Isn't this just the sweetest looking dog - 
behaving so well while 'mom' window-shopped.... 
and it appears to be wearing a little leather pouch.

My reflection on the right, clicking away at 
this young gal clicking away at the eye-catching 
Chanel window display.

Red hair is VERY red in Central Europe this Autumn....

.....and well behaved dogs were everywhere.


  1. Dear Mary, Thank you for this post. Now I know what to pack for our European trip in December. However, it will be sans dogs. They have to stay home. Have a wonderful week. ox, Gina

  2. I remember being in Salzburg a few years ago, and seeing a very elegant lady in fur, carrying two tiny dogs in a capacious handbag!

  3. Those spaniels (?) are beautiful, aren't they! I'd take them any day over fashion. :-)

  4. Such fun shots. Love all the window displays. Well-behaved dogs I can take, others, not so much.

  5. Wonderful photos! (I'm a dog person) And I love the beautiful store windows and the reflections. Lovely post, Mary. Hugs, Pam

  6. I am a dog person...more that cats. I actually like cats, but am allergic to cat dander. What wonderful window displays!

  7. Everyone looks very well turned out in these photos including the dogs - I can see that from your reflection you are looking very smart too.

  8. I'm a dog lover so, great post ... ;)
    hugs from Brazil

  9. It does seem like in Europe you see more dogs out and about.
    Love seeing the styles when traveling outside the US. Thanks for a peek.

  10. It's funny. David did a whole video on the dogs of France. European's seem to take their pets everywhere. Looks like you've had a great time.

  11. I really enjoyed the fashion shots. Yes, dogs are sweet, loyal, loving creatures but I prefer a cat.

  12. Hooray for the dogs! I really liked that little poodle!

  13. Hello dear Mary
    I'm playing catch up after a very busy week!
    Love seeing the shop windows (and your reflection!) the women look elegant.
    Beautifully groomed white dog would suit me!


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