Monday, October 14, 2013

Prague shopping and cafe life.............

Go real shopping, or just window shopping, and stop 
for coffee and pastries...............a great way 
to see another side of a vibrant European city.
Prague's street scenes are so fabulous 
making shopping a joy...............and the 
pastries are scrumptious!

We didn't buy a lot. We should have brought an empty suitcase. I think we are already planning to come back to Prague with an empty suitcase! It's not that things are cheaper......but they have the best selection of gorgeous footwear I've ever seen, and so many shoe shops. When it comes to boots and shoes, this city does it right at this time of year. Can it be due to the cobblestones? Must admit with so much walking on those blocks of stone, shoes take a beating. Men's shoes were super too - I think Bob would have liked a couple of pairs - perhaps two empty suitcases would be even better.

Personally I think I fell in love, big love, with at least 50 pairs of beautiful boots. To choose would be ten times more difficult than it was in Venice where I bought one pair of boots last Fall. The leathers, suedes and workmanship were excellent quality, and the styles fabulous from ankle booties to over the knee and every height in between. Shoes awesome too - styles I love such as lace up Oxfords; classic loafers with proper leather soles, not those all in one cheap rubber bottoms; pretty ballerinas with substantial soles too (not like those paper thin things back home); sturdy heels in all heights in glorious Winter colors and textures......dear Lord, please bring me back to Prague even if only to shop for shoes!

As for cafes - Prague, like most European cities, has PAUL. 
Our last day was a bit wet and cool, the sidewalk cafes were 
empty, wandering the city made us long for a comfy 
indoor cafe with good cappuccino and warm from the 
oven almond croissants.
PAUL filled the bill.

We love PAUL - in business since 1889, starting in France, 
now all over Europe, and starting to pop up in the USA, yeah! 

You can buy just about anything in Prague. Stunning Czech glass, paintings, hand-carved marionettes, clothes from every designer known, traditional Czech Spa hazelnut wafers (yummy), Alphonse Mucha prints, Franz
Kafka books, art nouveau jewelry......and boots and shoes of course.


  1. Very interesting. I wonder if they have shoes to fit short narrow feet like mine. I find it almost impossible to find shoes. It is good I am retired and no longer need dress shoes for work. At one time I could find shoes in Winston-Salem, but that is no longer the case so I just keep wearing my old ones! Glad you had such a good trip and thanks for sharing it with us.
    Farm Gal in Southwest VA

  2. I've heard that Prague is a wonderful place to visit. Someday....And I'll be sure to take an empty suitcase, on your recommendation.

  3. My son and DiL will be living in the Czech Republic from next year not too far from Prague, after reading this I think I shall be visiting them in the autumn on a shoe/boot shopping expedition:) A visit to Pauls sounds inviting too, haven't come across them before.

  4. The shoes and boots sound wonderful. Even in the rain, Prague looks wonderful!

  5. The window displays are remarkable and the draw to shoes and boots would have been too tempting for me and my daughter. An amazing place and good luck in obtaining an empty suitcase!

  6. Surely you could have bought one pair, and worn them and carried your old shoes in your hand luggage? There is always a way! With all that walking you probably wore your own shoes down noticably...........
    Sounds lovely!

  7. Hahaha, perhaps you need to go back and just ship everything home in a big shipping container!

  8. Oh my, shopping in Prague and Paul too.
    I guess I am glad I am not going there now, I would want to spend money.
    Right now I am wishing to go back to Florence for a new handbag, as the
    one I bought on the last visit is wearing out. It sounds like a wonderful place
    to visit.

  9. I have this feeling.............that you really like shoes.....???

  10. My boss was in Budapest and Prague over the summer and loved it all. We have Paul's here in Kuwait and it is always, always packed! :) Have a great weekend. Tammy


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