Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Precious Prague...................

 Visiting Prague has been a nonstop photo op - every view is breathtaking. I'm quite exhausted from walking the cobblestones yesterday after arriving from Vienna, and then much of today.
Here are some pics which I hope give you an idea as to the magnificence of this city. 

 Old Town Powder Gate

Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square ~ performance at the top of each hour.

Church of Our Lady Before Tyn ~ 1385 Catholic Gothic church ~ dominates a large portion of Old Town Square.

Prague Castle across the Vltava River at dusk.......

.....and a beautiful sunset welcomed us to this gorgeous city.

Statues along the Charles Bridge were illuminated by the setting sun - crowds of people were on the bridge enjoying a lovely evening.

Much more to come - today was overcast, tomorrow may be wet, but we hope to see much more of the city before leaving.


  1. It is a very beautiful city. I love the colouring of the buildings in the light especially at sunset. It's so soft. I'm glad you're enjoying your trip. Take care. Hugs, Pamela

  2. I would have been mesmerized by the clock.
    The building is several pictures with the red tile roof almost had a feel of the Oriental.
    Everything is lovely.

  3. Every day is more stunning that the last - it really boggles my American mind to see such history preserved in Europe - we have so little of it and value it so lightly. Amazing photos.

  4. While on her OE years ago my daughter bought me a book in Prague "Prague - an Historic Town" - it's on my coffee table so I often flick through it.

    Your photos show all the beauty of the old town and Charles bridge Mary - breathtaking.
    Enjoy the rest of your time in Europe - Oh I envy you - please blow kisses to my family as you fly over France!
    Much love

  5. Beautiful images! You're making me more and more excited for my trip!!

  6. First Don, now you. I have to get to Prague!


  7. Haha, the silhouettes were an unexpected treat! It looks like a marvelous city.

  8. I remember Old Town Square perfectly - the Astronomical Clock is superb isn't it? Love your evening photos - the Charles Bridge is a fascinating place to walk isn't it?


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