Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The last rose of Summer................

...........was a perfect Peace Rose

This lovely yellow and pink rose seems is one of 
few that grace my garden year after year. It's not 
easy growing roses here.....they need constant TLC  
in the hot and very humid south.
As beautiful as it is when fresh, smooth, and soft, 
I almost prefer it when its petals sharpen, dry, and
and delicately age.

Playing with a perfect rose image, via PicMonkey and iPhoto.

Do you grow roses?


  1. Dear Mary, You are having too much fun. Another new and fabulous "header". Your first Peace Rose photograph is stunning.
    Have you heard of wet potpourri? A wonderful way to preserve the heady perfume of special roses. If you click on Rose Petals 1 in my list of posts you will see the recipe. It's very easy and makes for lovely Christmas gifts.

  2. All of the treatments are nice but I love the original photo!

  3. Such a pretty rose, when dried it looks all crackly.

  4. You should already know my answer to your question. Yes, we do have a rose garden, and we adore it. We get some of our most beautiful blooms during Autumn. I suppose they may end very soon if we have frost later this week.

  5. Beautiful photos and edits of your last rose of summer, Mary. No, I don't grow roses. I might plant an old fashioned rose this summer though if the deer don't eat them. I'm now looking for deer proof plants and shrubs as the deer are so plentiful around here now.

  6. I love that you played with your rose picture. Each and everyone is lovely.
    The Peace rose is one of my favorites. And yes, there are roses in my garden.
    Though I have roses in my garden still, I bought the most beautiful bouquet this week
    and thoroughly enjoying them.

  7. Roses dry to perfection. I too like them better that way. Love how you played with the images. Going to Screen Door with Penny tomorrow. Wish you could join us.

  8. It is goodbye to summer, isn't it? And I spotted a handsome texture layer on your header! Bravo!

  9. After seeing how beautifully Peace has dried I think I must add it to my garden!!!!!!!!!!
    I adore dried roses too - perfect with old books.
    Shane x


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