Monday, October 7, 2013

On the streets of Budapest.........

You know how I love to wander the streets......of 
new cities and towns. Here are some of the things which 
caught my eye in Budapest. 
Lovely to see famous landmarks and national sites, but 
often just wandering the side streets and 
back alleys is a load of fun too. 

Click images to enlarge.

This was an awesome 'Pop-Up Store' at a Thai tea house. 
The clothes were fabulous, I wanted them all - but 
sadly I didn't bring an extra suitcase, 
or have a bank roll of Hungarian florints to spend!

There was a wedding at St. Matthias' church 
Saturday afternoon............everyone was 
jumping for joy.

The reception looked like a lot of fun, especially 
when the silver heart balloons took off into the 
sky - Parliament in the distance across the Danube.

At the end of a great day - looking from the hills of 
Buda across to Pest.


  1. Dear Mary, Love these photographs of Buda Pest. Spectacular!

  2. Im was there in 1995 for a few days and I have very fond memories of that place.....thanks for reminding me how lucky I was to be able to visit the city.

  3. Absolutely stunningly charming. What a grand city. Loved the wedding, the jumping and the balloons.

  4. What a beautiful city! Thanks for sharing so many pictures of it. The architecture is wonderful. Love the wedding and the silver balloons. Enjoy each day!

  5. Just stunning. What a beautiful place and how perfect for that couple to be married there.

  6. Oh Mary, your were born to travel!!!
    You see everything through an artist's eye - every single image is amazing.
    A stroke of luck seeing the wedding antics - love the jumping and those silver balloons!

    I came upon a wedding party in Venice a few years back - I wish I could lay my hands on the photos I took by the water off St Mark's square - the couple were so young and the bride looked exquisite!

    A pity you didn't locate the Hattatt's in Budapest - what a fun meeting that could have been!

    Treasure every moment sweetie.

  7. Another glorious adventure from you!! I've only just returned home myself to find that you are off again!!!! You cannot imagine how lovely your posts are....taking me across the world with you!! Your photographs are always so amazing. I feel like I'm right there with you!!!
    Can't wait to read tomorrow!!!!

  8. You have captured the city beautifully Mary. I can't get over how blue the sky is!
    Much love.

  9. Beautiful!
    Weddings, pink bicycles, dance posters, and oh yes! I could spend a lot at the pop-up store too.

  10. That Louis Vuitton hard luggage took my breath away for a second
    I would have liked to just seen it through the window


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