Friday, October 25, 2013

Footsteps back in time....................................

Always changing...........

.......but always the same.

When I look about my small home - usually described 
here as 'my cottage' - I'm very happy for the most part.
Of course it's not a true cottage like those I grew up
around in England, just a comfy, compact house that works 
for the two of us. We are doing our best to stay here
while many our age are moving on to condos and such...and 
in truth we sometimes consider doing the same.
We love having the garden, although we gripe about the
work it brings - yes the annual trillion Autumn leaves are 
starting to fall, the rakes are ready - and we have
enough rooms and storage, if we're tidy and the mister 
stops hoarding! Our bedroom is downstairs - that 
bathroom now has a walk-in shower which makes life 
easier, and safer, for the coming years.

The decor? Nothing is posh or over the top, it's more just 
an eclectic collection of things I love, little treasures
which speak to me in some way....have followed me home 
from near and far. I've never used a decorator, but always 
enjoyed input from special friends with 
whom I've scoured antiques malls, thrift and vintage 
shops - you special gals know who you are. When visiting 
England and France I've searched for small treasures 
such as linens, antique books, silver items which
fit in my suitcase - or can be packed in a little box 
and mailed later by family members. 

So, what am I up to now with no distant travels on the 
horizon and time to address home issues?
My floors have become bothersome, especially downstairs
where most of the traffic flows. Sadly our '80's home was 
not constructed with beautiful hardwood flooring. Under
the fitted carpeting are just plywood boards. We've 
re-carpeted a couple of times but are loathe to do it 
again. Keeping up carpet, even with annual professional 
cleaning, is a miserable job, and becomes physically 
painful as one ages and has problems pushing a vacuum 
cleaner - I've learned this over the past year as I 
 deal with polymyalgia rheumatica. 

Next week I hope to have floors I love (sample board above)
and can clean more easily, in my entry, dining and living 
rooms! These pics below are the look I'm going for - 
farmhouse, cottage, rustic, textured, not precious or formal.  

Wish me luck please.......hope it will be a project 
I'll enjoy sharing with you following the upheaval.


  1. Oh my, I understand completely. We are trying to oust our carpeting in the master bedroom. The look you are going for is perfect! I love it. Love, love, love the farmhouse floors and they are really easy to clean. I find that my "commercial" size swiffer is so hand and easy. I fill the bottle with murphy's oil soap and water spritze and wipe clean ~ voila ~ done ~ I can't wait to see the final result ~ have a great day

  2. Mary, you will find that keeping up with cleaning hardwood is much easier than carpet. We have carpet in our bedroom and on the front stairs for which I have to lug out the vacuum cleaner 'once in a while'. With hardwood I use a Swiffer or broom and do it once or twice a week. So easy! My only gripe of having dark hardwood is being able to see the dust and lint that used to hide in the carpet! :) I love the floor you have chosen and can't wait to see the new look of your home! Hugs, Pam

  3. Your home is going to look wonderful with those gorgeous floors Mary. I think you have a wonderful decorating eye. I have been antiquing with you and you always find such wonderful things!

  4. Great!!!! At last I've caught up with your blog posts dear Mary!
    This is what 'home' is about - a mix of things one loves and collects over the years - yours all go together beautifully.
    I love your colour palette.
    One of our rellies has wide "American oak" floorboards throughout her new townhouse - I would love to replace our carpet with it too...............
    Sadly I've met with resistance from a certain quarter that at the moment, only has eyes for marine grade timbers..............
    I will have to wait!!!!
    It will be perfect Mary - my vacuum cleaner seems to get heavier by the day - I think it's more a problem with my arms getting weaker!

    Have a happy weekend sorting and packing - it's all for a good cause.
    Shane xox

  5. I think your home is gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful birthday. You deserve it.

    Sft x

  6. I too have plywood for flooring - and carpet on this which is cream upstairs (not the best choice!). The flooring you have chosen looks beautiful and will be perfect to clean and maintain. Have a great weekend. xx

  7. Oh Mary, you are going to love your new floors. When I bought this little house I chose laminate because of the cat and have not regretted it. So easy to keep clean. Then you can choose area rugs that fit your mood or the season.
    When I downsized I chose this little modular house over the Condo and I love it. I have a little land around me, low utilities, Being older and alone this is the perfect place for me to be. There is a 24 hr. guy on premises if needed.
    I love what I have seen of your decor and I think you picked the perfect color!

  8. Remember that in ten years or so the two of you will drop things, spill things, and find cleaning and dusting a chore. Make a plan and stick to it. Think about how the ambulance people will get you out if you fall. I learned my lesson that one!!!

  9. You will love it. I love not having carpet. It is so much easier to clean and doesn't hold the dirt and cause allergy attacks. Can't wait to see it after you are finished. Our house works for us as we age, but the yard will be the problem. When we get to that point, we will either hire the yard work done or move to a condo. Such decisions we have to make as we age. Good luck!

  10. I love my hardwood floors and you will also. They will be beautiful.....I am looking forward to the pictures. No more carpets!!!

  11. It will be so worth it, and you will be kicking yourself for not doing it earlier. We had a lot of hardwood in our former cottage, but we built our current one to not include any carpet. It is glorious.

  12. I can't wait to see the changes. When we had three teenagers at home we bought a house with white carpet throughout (were we insane?) and a Date Palm Tree right on the drive way (we were definitely insane) and three mulberry trees by the entrance to the porch (we were certifiable). The trees stays, the teenagers stayed - but that white carpet came right out. Underneath were fabulous wood floors that we just had to clean and polish - what a relief.


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