Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October NOTE CARD Party..................

As I've not been home long I'm still getting life 
back on track and taking care of a myriad of things
which cropped up. For example - the washer serviceman 
is here as I write and hopefully I'll have
a working machine before the hour is out.

Joining Vee's fun monthly Note Card Party almost escaped 
my attention but here I am, better late than never!

My card choices for October are images from my front 
porch I've shared before - focusing on one of those 
'last rose of Summer' dried roses I love.  
For fun I've added text, and the last image is the 
box cover which would hold the set of cards if printed.  

All pics were taken with my trusty older 
Olympus SP-590UZ.
 Click to enlarge and see more detail.

Thanks Vee for hosting the party - hope everyone will stop 
by to view some really beautiful note cards this month.

Click here for Vee's OCTOBER NOTE CARD PARTY.

Edited: Phew, thankfully there's life in the 15 year old Kenmore washing machine yet. All fixed and running like a newbie. You can guess what's on my 'to do' list for today.


  1. Very nice and the captions suit them perfectly:@)

  2. Oh my goodness, you need to print these up! Such tenderness... I'm glad you made the time to join the party this month, despite the after-journey madness, LOL.

  3. Very elegant, Mary! I really like the phrases and the box blew me away! By the way, you're not one bit late: Today IS the day. (Hope that you get all the laundry done!)

  4. Your note cards are beautiful Mary. So glad your machine was fixable!

  5. These are so lovely, Mary. The sentiments expressed fit the photos perfectly. I'd certainly send cards like these to my friends. Glad to hear that you can carry on with the laundry now!

  6. As a huge lover of dried flowers, roses in particular, I am crazy about yours. They are all lovely, but my favorite is the sympathy card for some reason. Just beautiful and so peaceful.

  7. Beautiful photos, Mary. They really do make lovely note cards...
    Glad your machine didn't bite the dust and is whirring away again.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful notecards, Mary! I love the edits and wording. The top one is just perfect. Glad you could join in on short notice.

  9. Dear Mary
    These are a beautiful set of note cards - you know I would buy them!!!
    My colourings too!
    What IS that rose - I would love to have it in my garden?

    I always come home to a backlog of everything after six weeks away!
    Pleased the service man saved your old faithful - things aren't made to last in the same way now, sadly.

  10. I love all the note cards Mary, so pretty! Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do on posts. My aunt who lives about 50 miles from your area has been trying to get me to come for a visit. I told hubby not until Mary gets back so maybe we might have a chance to visit again! Which photo shop do you use for all of your posts? I need a new one to try sometime.
    Glad your washer is up and running again. My set was my late mother-in-laws' so it is over 20 years old. Hey, if it works I will keep using it! Just wish the fridge would die, but not yet! Hugs to both of you! Glad you made it home safe, and I will start catching up on posts soon.
    Take Care,

  11. Fantastic last rose of summer - it looks beautiful! Lovely notecards, Mary.

  12. Beautiful! beautiful! beautiful! you have certainly captured the essence of the rose, Thank you for sharing.

  13. Love each and every card.
    Glad the washer is fixed and running once more.

  14. Such beautiful images! Love the rose & greeting on each card.


  15. I enjoyed seeing the lovely tones of your cards. I will be back to click on the photos on your sidebar.

  16. SO very beautiful! Tender and thoughtful. I'd buy a boxfull!

  17. Lovely calming note cards. The addition of the papery faded rose is a nice touch.


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