Sunday, October 27, 2013

Country Homes....................

We decided, as the day was perfect yesterday, to take a country ride to celebrate my birthday. Perhaps look for pretty things to photograph in the clear sunshine and cool light breeze.....hoping to find trees changing color - not many were - and bucolic scenes of North Carolina's farms and barns.

We weren't house-hunting but we were wondering about the history of this beauty......left with it's crumbling wood and peeling paint, not so old icicle lights still dangling from the pretty porch. 
Oh my, the stories hidden in those walls, behind the slamming storm doors on Summer days, through wood smoke twirling from the double chimneys through the Winter months. Who made their country home here? Where did they go? If only I could have peeked inside.

...........and me, turning seventy here in the countryside.
Enjoying a simple day, enjoying all the good wishes you, 
my dear readers, left in comments, and thankful for 
my Bob who brakes and continues to make U-turns when 
I yell out........ "please STOP, I want to take a photograph".


  1. Happy birthday to YOOOOOOOU! What a glorious old home. Love that chippy paint and detailed woodwork for photography. Glorious photos! And you look as cute as a button standing there next to the wagon! It is wonderful that Bob will make those u-turns. I wish Mr. Jim did that! He'll whiz past some of the most beautiful places for photos, while I go "but, but, but…"

  2. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday and such a pretty day yesterday, though the breeze was a little chilly. I wonder what the story of this house is! She's a beauty!

  3. What a beautiful house this must have been in it's early years. It's sad to see one like this falling apart. I'm sure it could tell a lot of wonderful stories. Beautiful photos and post. A lovely way to spend your birthday.

  4. Such a romantic looking house in need of some love and attention which I am sure it will get. A very very happy birthday to you xx

  5. It sounds like the perfect birthday. That old house is fabulous. I would love to house whisper to that one!

  6. Happy, happy birthday Mary!! I love to take rides like that on beautiful days! The old house that you took pictures of is gorgeous. I just love old homes and I agree I would like to know the history of that house too! Even in the state it is in, what a grand beauty!! Hope you have a great evening too!

  7. A delightful way to usher in a new decade! Happy Birthday, my friend! ~ Sarah

  8. Oh I love this old house - my heart aches when I see such lovely things abandoned. I like to make up stories about the people that might have lived there. I always wonder, at what point did they decide to just walk away and no longer take care of the house.

    The photos are lovely and once again the house gets some nice attention.

  9. Dear Mary, Wouldn't it be interesting to go to the County Courthouse and do a bit of sleuthing. It's amazing what information you can glean from county records. We have many such homesteads in our area but your discovery is a special one.

  10. I love the way you spent your actual day. I would be wondering the same stories
    about the house in the country. I would want to see inside and rescue, it is a beauty!


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