Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beautiful Budapest...........................

Budapest has antiques shops. As much as I love crystal 
and chandeliers, one suitcase and a backpack 
will not accommodate anything for the cottage!

The buildings include many beautiful facades with PATINA - 
you know how I love patina!

The people have been helpful and delightful on this our 
first afternoon and evening.

We arrived here mid-afternoon in brilliant sunshine and 
it's comfortably warm.............the city glowed.

This evening, following a walk, but feeling somewhat 
tired from lack of sleep on the overseas 
flight, we decided to skip a heavy dinner 
out and instead enjoyed tasty offerings, 
along with excellent Hungarian wines, in the 
hotel's Concierge Lounge.
The views across the Danube to Buda - we are staying 
in Pest on the opposite side of the river - were 
breathtaking as the sun set and the city was illuminated.

I have brought just my Nikon Coolpix S6400 on this trip. 
Because of flareups of the Polymyalgia Rheumatica 
 pain in my arms and hands I cannot handle the heavy 
cameras right now.
Hopefully I will get relatively good pics with this 
little point and shoot! 


  1. I love this trip! You are doing fantastic with your point and shoot. They make them so well theses days.

  2. Firstly wishing you and amazing adventure and happy holiday. I will be learning lots from your blog as this is a part of the world I know very little about.Secondly your photos are always amazing so I expect they still will be whatever camera you are using.
    Some of that patina looks suspiciously like structural cracks to me.

  3. I think your pictures are coming out fine, Mary, such beautiful scenery! Your quiet evening in sounds just lovely. Looking forward to more.


  4. Your pictures are wonderful. I love the upward shot of the window - beautiful patina.

  5. Your pictures are stunning Mary. It looks beautiful there. I think your point and shoot will work great!

  6. Oh the photos are beyond fabulous - past gorgeous. And I learned new things too - thanks for sharing - enjoy your trip.

  7. I would say you are off to a great start with your point and shoot, Mary. The photos are gorgeous, particularly the shot of the river.

  8. No problem with your photos Mary - they are wonderful.
    A lovely collage with such a warmth of colour radiating from them.
    Sorry you are having a flare up in your arms and hands - hope it doesn't last too long.

  9. Dear Mary, It's not the camera, it's the eye for beauty you are blessed with.

  10. I'd say you got some beautiful photos with your camera, Mary. I love the view of the city as the sun is setting. I didn't know there were 2 sides to the city - Buda and Pest. Interesting. Have a wonderful time. Hugs, Pamela

  11. What gorgeous photos Mary - another astounding place.
    I know you'll have a wonderful time, and a fabulous birthday!
    Lots of love
    Rose H

  12. Oh Mary
    How excited you two must be now - sharing your dream of being in Budapest together.
    A city of the old world and you have captured that beautifully - the evening shot of the Danube in the soft light is breath taking.
    One of my favourite films is "Gloomy Sunday" set in Budapest before and after the Holocaust - did you see it?
    Dear Mary, hold on to the Hungarian atmosphere and beauty of one of the world's greatest cities.
    I hope your arms and hands are not too painful.
    Much love

  13. What gorgeous shots. You are so gifted and I love traveling with you . Thanks so much. I hope you have a wonderful trip and a very happy birthday.

  14. Hi! Your blog is wonderful...I'm a new follower.

    Ciao dall'Italia

  15. You are getting great pics! Keep up the good work!


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