Saturday, October 19, 2013

This morning's breakfast...........

 It's just amazing - Mother Nature still 
flooring us with surprises this late 
in the growing season.

Since returning last weekend we've been picking Celeste 
figs non-stop, and it's so much easier now. Almost 
all the former beautiful rich green leaves have dropped 
in an untidy heap of brown crispness under the tree. 
The sweet little ripening figs are easy to spot and 
grab........if you get there before the birds.

As jam making days are over - and if you stop by I'll 
hand you a jar - I'm now enjoying 
fresh figs in my morning oatmeal. Today's version, 
raspberries added, topped with a bit of almond granola 
for crunch and a dollop of Greek yogurt.  
Has to be healthy, don't you think?

What's your favorite Autumnal breakfast....especially 
on the weekend?


  1. Well, I Kent and I both enjoyed the jam you gave us very much, so if anyone stops by they would be lucky to get a jar! Your oatmeal sounds wonderful, especially since I just had a bowl of

  2. I love hot oats - the real kind that have to be cooked for a long while - a dash of brown sugar, or a dribble of honey and sometimes add pecans for crunchies - best on chilly autumn morning. I might try my apple butter in the oats with pecans - that sounds good too.

  3. Oh Mary, you make breakfast a work of art!! Beautiful photos of your healthy breakfast and bountiful figs.
    You have convinced me to find a spot in my garden for a fig plant.
    I had oatmeal this morning with sliced bananas, pecans and a splash of almond milk.

  4. Porridge is my staple breakfast in Autumn/Winter with fruit and lemon curd yoghurt!
    Spring and Summer it's muesli with fresh fruit and yoghurt - I must say raspberries are a favourite here too!
    Beautiful collage dear Mary.
    Enjoy your Sunday

  5. I am aghast at such fig bounty! I can see the right person has that tree;
    Oatmeal sounds wonderful
    over here its granola with lots of almonds, fresh fruit and raisins with almond milk.

  6. Long time no see. You have become quite the world traveler. Good for you.♥ Come by my blog and visit sometime.

    I love figs.

  7. It makes me smile to read a post like this -- the pictures, words and voice. I eat oatmeal some mornings but never with figs -- which I will take care of soon! I love homemade granola for fall -- with pecans and big dried bing cherries. A friend just gave me a new recipe that uses peanut butter that I'm eager to try.

  8. Oh how I wish I had some of those figs.
    Your breakfast looks delicious and much more healthy than I partake.
    I usually have a couple slices of nice toast with fresh fruit. On the weekends,
    if I am inspired, I make muffins. Mostly your blueberry muffins, but thinking
    about pumpkin muffins for tomorrow.l

  9. Oh, that oatmeal breakfast looks to pretty to eat but I'll bet it is delish!

  10. Mary, I am green with envy. The birds and squirrels feasted on everyone of my figs. Each year I ray there will be enough to share, but I guess not this year! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Hugs, bonnie

  11. Looks good. My mom grows figs and makes fig preserves, I just get lucky and get a jar when I visit. Great pictures.... now I'm hungry.

  12. Oh, what a bounty of figs. My mom had a huge fig tree at her home. It was laden with figs every season, and she was busy canning and baking to keep up with the fresh figs. I have her recipe for fig bars if you are interested. Delicious!

  13. Dear Mary, My kind of breakfast, healthy and delicious. Wish I had a fig tree. Of course it wouldn't grow in this climate. I love your new header. Lovely photographs.

  14. That sounds very healthy - and tasty - indeed!


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