Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Visons of sugar plums already!

Yes, clambering through the attic, pulling out boxes, peeking inside, excitement started. Last year I did very little Christmas decorating as we traveled home to England and spent the holiday season there. The previous year I was just home from my Thailand and Vietnam trip, and I admit not up to much decorating. This year as I'm staying home I seem to be raring to go - "visions of sugar plums" are already filling my head!
I don't think I need to purchase much. I have more than enough, wrapped carefully in tissue in those big green boxes. Adding a little sparkle and light to the cottage should come easy. I will gather or buy some fresh greens and berries later.....meanwhile back to checking those boxes today and ending up with a clean and tidy attic at the same time.

Have you thought about Christmas decor yet? Are you planning simple or over the top?


  1. I am the same way, and have been wondering lately how early its too early to start Christmas decorating. But I am holding myself back because really, everyone knows the official start of Christmas is when the Macy's Santa Claus appears! ;-)


  2. Dear Mary, More lovely photographs to inspire us. We will be in Europe during the holidays but I will be decorating for Christmas. However, our usual tree cutting picnic with friends, an annual event, will have to wait till next year. ox Gina

  3. Oh, I'm liking how you embellished these photos! We have kept it easy and simple for the past few years. We "may" put up a big tree this year in addition to the small, tabletop trees. We'll be keeping it on the simple end of the spectrum.

  4. Christmas is my favourite season!
    I always have a "real" tree (love the pine fragrance wafting through the house) most of my decorations I've had for years - white and silver mainly and touches of red!
    Apart from that I add a wreath to our front door and decorate the top of a large cabinet with our old wooden Nativity set and greenery.
    Maybe I'll add a few more bits this year as I'm always inspired by what I see on your blog Mary and others I visit!!
    Decorating in this way is not huge here as it is in the US.
    I am popping into a lovely 'seconds shop' called French Country - they import decor items from overseas and supply shops.
    As the name implies it's mostly french inspired which you know I love!
    Otherwise, decor items are far too expensive here - I'm not into being ripped off!!
    Looking forward to peeking into your boxes from the attic!

  5. I've already started my Christmas decorating Mary. I'm not making much headway but have the hutch all done. I guess I'm in the middle, not too much and yet not simple. I have a lot of decorations and every year try to keep it simple but somehow I manage to add more each week. But, it's never over the top! Hugs,

  6. I'm thinking about Christmas, but won't decorate until at least the first week of December. I like to keep things fairly simple - lots of greenery, a tree with airy branches to let the ornaments be the star (aka a Charlie Brown tree). Pine cones, some shiny balls and lots of candles. Ooh, now I'm getting excited!
    Your photos are lovely and inspirational.

  7. I can't wait to see what you do. I am thinking color this year. My dining room is dictated by the tea I put on and this year's theme is a Touch of Whimsy, so hoping for whimsy there. It will probably spread into the living room as a little guy will enjoy a little whimsy too. So I will look for you for the classy and beautiful that I know you always do so well. Have fun!

  8. I'm thinking of lots and lots of decorations this year as I have two weeks off around Christmas so can really snuggle down after the big day and just enjoy! Can't wait to see what you do x

  9. I seem to have lost my connection in the middle of my comment. I am ready for the christmas decorations. Last year we didn't do much because I was just out of the hospital after emergency back surgery. Don put up the tree for the grandsons and that was it. This year will be an "all-out" year. Our grandsons and their moms are coming over next Wednesday to make christmas ornaments for our family ornament exchange on Thanksgiving - I'm ready!!!

  10. I love your autumn décor so don't get rid of it too quickly. I am of the opinion that nothing "Christmas" should happen until after Thanksgiving so that we can enjoy that wonderful holiday to its fullest. Well, Christmas could be a dark time this year, my first without Dan for over 40 years. Kristen thoughtfully invited me out to Washington, D.C., thinking Christmas in Bismarck would be too hard. I declined though. I told her Christmas would be hard anywhere, I wanted to have Christmas with my sis and her family, and didn't want to board Gracie. So I bought Kristen a ticket home. And the more I thought about it, I decided I WILL decorate this year and enjoy the holiday as best I can. However, I will not have a real tree for the first time in over 40 years.


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