Monday, November 25, 2013

The Thanksgiving table......................

As I will be cooking and serving a sit-down Thanksgiving 
dinner this year, I will need to decorate the dining room table. 
Looking around the house and garden I see I already have 
the makings of a centerpiece waiting in the wings. 
I will be utilizing these lovely pumpkins purchased 
back in October. They are still as good and fresh looking 
as when they left the pumpkin patch just a few miles back 
down that country road.

I also have millions of leaves of every shade of gold to 
choose from right outside the back door, but need to grab 
some pretty ones before the expected heavy rains come.
Setting the table is going to be an enjoyable task and I 
think it will look great. 

If you're serving a sit down dinner on Thursday, do you have 
your table decorations decided yet? 


  1. I hope you are setting a place for me at the table Mary! I am popping into say hello and to catch up on A breath of fresh air. Even I am having a Thanksgiving dinner this year, yum!
    Paul x

  2. Your table will be beautiful with those pumpkins and some golden leaves. Enjoy the decorating process!

  3. It will all look lovely! I have "instant" decorating for the table because Mr. Jim ordered and surprised me with a delivery of a flower arrangement!

  4. We are having a sit down dinner for 11 - I've picked a few things for the table - not everything yet. Today I am baking bread for the stuffing and baking the dinner rolls - to be reheated at the last minute before we sit down. Your table will be lovely.

  5. I know everything will be have such style my friend! We will have a quiet dinner but I'll make all of our traditional favorites. Happy Thanksgiving from Florida! Sweet hugs!

  6. Beautiful dear! Looking forward to seeing you next week! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving gathering. I'm thankful for you, much love ~ Vanessa

  7. Your table is going to look so nice. I love the idea of using nature's bounty for the Thanksgiving table. Not only does it look beautiful, but there is nothing that has to be stored in the attic.
    I'm not hosting this year. If I was I would follow your lead.
    Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. I am and no, I have not...decided that is. It'll be simple that's for sure. We tend to make the food the star. Your table is going to be lovely. My outside pumpkins are just going to make it to Friday when I'll roll them over the hill like bowling balls. (They've been frozen one too many times.)

  9. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving Mary - your table will be a treat, and I am sure the meal will be wonderful too.

  10. Your pumpkins are such pretty ones. I will have cornucopia as my centerpiece this year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. Dear Mary, I love your colors and knowing you it will be so very beautiful. Hope we get to see your Thanksgiving table. Most everything of any interest has vanished from our landscape but a trip to my little greenhouse will be just enough to complete my Thanksgiving table. Wishing you and your family avery happy Thanksgiving. ox, Gina

  12. I will be thinking of you cooking that big fat turkey Mar when i'm on the plane to Mauritius. Somehow i'm glad i'm out of the mix and away from my family for the first time ever at Thanksgiving. And Julie is going to New Zealand with James for Xmas - so strange year for we Hammacks.

  13. Hello Mary, I missed your last post on the acorns but I'm glad you had 3 saved from last year for your Thanksgiving table. They look sweet in the little dish. I'm amazed your pumpkins are still nice and firm. They will look wonderful on the table as well. It sounds like you are enjoying your preparation for Thursday's dinner. The rains are coming here tomorrow - lots of it! And wind too. Not looking forward to it and I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere in it. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo Pamela

  14. Your table will look spectacular.
    Last evening I cleaned out one of our little pumpkins
    and made a flower arrangement in it using the pumpkin for a vase.
    I need to take a picture and share as I often don't do much.
    Right now Christmas cards are spread all over the table.
    I usually have them done before Thanksgiving, but don't think I will make it this year.

  15. Mary, I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy decorating and cooking! I am cooking and baking too-can't wait. I love this time of year!!


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