Monday, November 18, 2013

Enjoying all Washington has to offer..............

So many places to visit in Washington, D.C. such as 
The United States National Arboretum and The Capitol....

..............but when monuments, statues and national 
buildings no longer hold your interest - although in 
Washington that's really hard because there are SO MANY 
fabulous, sights, museums and galleries to visit...... can always do a little window shopping. 
Real shopping may be even better but be sure to come 
with a large bundle of greenbacks!

Nicole Kidman in her JIMMY CHOO booties and bag.

Old posters at our always favorite 
bookstore/bar/cafe - Kramerbooks & Afterwords 
in the Dupont Circle area.

Noticed many of these bike rental stands all around 
the city - great transportation if you're young and 
feel comfortable riding with so much traffic coming 
from every direction!

On our way out of the city Sunday morning we detoured 
a bit....just to see a few more sights, such as the 
Lincoln Memorial from the other side across 
the Memorial Bridge.......

.....and Arlington National Cemetery dressed for 
Autumn ~ words unnecessary.

As you drive up the hill from Georgetown, this lovely 
small park welcomes you to rest on a bench and take in 
the view - Autumn color was brilliant.....but nowhere to 
park the car so we couldn't stop. 
A great visit to the city, but too short as always.
Perhaps another time we'll take the train up and use the 
Metro to get around as parking a car is either impossible 
or costs a small fortune. 
I did love visiting at this time of year - the oppressive 
Summer heat gone (D.C. is very hot and humid then), 
and the Thanksgiving/Christmas crowds yet to descend.


  1. Very nice sights and pictures. It has been a long time since I have been in DC. I am learning the hard way not to take a car into the city. Parking is so expensive and once you park you still have to get in a cab to get around. I do like the bikes though, I think that's a good idea. They started that in Chicago last year. I would love to shop in those stores but probably can't afford the shopping bag!

  2. We visited Washington, DC once, almost 20 years ago, with our young family. We had such a good time going through some of the Smithsonian, riding the metro, walking, walking, walking. A beautiful city. My husband was chastised by the guards at the White House for reaching up to touch a finger to the wallpaper - it was silk.
    Love the biking idea.

  3. Wonderful photos - especially for those of us who will probably never get there. I'm glad you had such a good time.

  4. I really liked the tour, thank you for taking me along....what's next?

  5. Oh, thank you for this glorious tour! It sure does bring back memories. The photo of the boy on his bike, looking at the gravestones, is very poignant. The last time we visited, we left our car at the hotel and road the metro a lot to the various sites. The parking situation in DC has always been atrocious. I wouldn't dare to try to use one of those bikes. If I did, I think there would be lots of comical photos of me on various blogs, LOL.

  6. Beautiful photos! Thank you for taking us with you on your walks. I am not sure why but every time I see an arboretum I think of a Henry James movie (I guess that is how my brain is wired :)


  7. Can you believe it? I have never been to Washington, DC. I have never seen a picture of the arboretum and in fact didn't know it was there.
    Thanks for "licking" the windows as they say in France. What a delightful visit and so happy you could visit there and reminisce. Been thinking
    about you, so glad to stop by for a quick moment.


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