Saturday, November 16, 2013

Yesterday we were silly.................. thought we would be serious and show you pics of big important buildings, statues, monuments............instead you got a couple of old fogies acting like kids in IKEA'S stuffed toy department! They were such cute stuffies though - I fell in love with the elephant, so soft, and admit I almost broke down and bought myself one to cuddle. Don't tell Bob but I'm really sorry I didn't and I may have to go back on the way home!

Meanwhile, as promised, here are some pics of the real Washington, D.C. from today. I have to tell you that the weather turned wet last night and we awoke to a foggy morning. No matter though, we headed out in the murky, bad hair day, and enjoyed hours of sightseeing, shopping, coffee drinking, and of course eating. Many pics were taken from the moving car - I won't show you the fuzzy ones now moved to the trash! 
My days in this amazing city were lovely back in the '60's. Could I live here now? NO. It's still vibrant and fun, but has become gigantic and so busy with horrendous traffic, as in all major cities. I doubt I could manage to get from A to B by myself any longer!

The Capitol - always serene and beautiful.
Throughout the city, Autumn foliage was still 
quite colorful.

Click photos to enlarge.

             The strange-looking Washington Monument. 
Whatever happened here?

Of course I'd completely forgotten that there was 
damage to the easily recognized massive obelisk during 
the August 2011 earthquake. Repairs estimated to cost 
millions of dollars commenced in June of this year.

Also, the beautiful National Cathedral had severe 
damage in the earthquake and is still being repaired. 
Here you can see the pinnacles being replaced 
on the central spire. 

The Lincoln Memorial viewed from the World War II Memorial..........

.....more views of the WWII Memorial above and below.

 Colorful Washington row houses. 

I'll have a few more pics to share later.
Heading home in the morning. 


  1. Wonderful tour Mary. The gloomy weather added to the atmosphere. I visited DC in my late 20s and thought then, like you, too much traffic, too many people, takes away the charm of an architecturally beautiful city. I couldn't wait to leave.
    Happy travels.

  2. Do hope you return for the elephant!

  3. This post brought back lovely memories of our silver wedding trip in 2004. I wish I could afford to visit your beautiful capital city again. I shall have to make do with looking at stuffed elephants in our local IKEA I guess!!
    Thanks for a lovely post - autumn blessings x

  4. Wonderful photos of Washington, Mary. I've never been there nor do I plan to go. The time we drove to Myrtle Beach we skirted around it, and NYC and Hartford, to avoid as much traffic as possible. I think it would be a wonderful city to visit though with all it's monuments and beautiful buildings and history. Enjoy your last day and a safe trip home.

  5. I doubt that I could live there again too. I think I would go insane within a couple of days. But it sure is fun to visit! Thank you for the photo tour. Leave it to the government to take several years to repair the Washington monument. It is interesting to note that it took 36 years to build, LOL. Ah, the efficiency of government - you got to love it!

    The last time we were there, they didn't have the WWII memorial and several others. You're making me want to schedule a trip to go back soon! Glad to see that the overcast weather doesn't stop you from having fun. And I chuckled at your last photo - a noncomplying motorist and a self-portrait, all rolled into one!

  6. I loved visiting DC and we did play with the idea of living there when we moved back from Argentina.
    I especially like the photo with the reflection of the camera in the car mirror :)

  7. We were there for the first time in my life in April when the cherry blossoms were out. I really enjoyed my time there. I would like to go back again some day.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful dear! Enjoy your Sunday! Love, Vanessa

  9. Great photos - I love the row houses - I never knew about those before. I'm glad you are having a good time - and be sure and stop and get that elephant.

  10. It's been a few years since I was last in DC. Such a special place! Love the shot of the colorful row houses full of wonderful textures.

  11. We visited DC in 2000, the Quimper club held it's annual meeting there, and enjoyed our brief sojourn. We saw all the famous sites but I don't remember seeing any vibrantly painted homes like these. Loved my virtual tour with you, you're such a great guide.BTW you should definitely get the elephant!

  12. Looks like you are having a fine old time Mary! You made me laugh about Ikea - a couple of years ago my daughter and I visited our nearest store and really behaved like kids, we spoke to each other in a broken Swedish accent calling each other Helga and Inga - we were nearly hysterical with laughter! Go-on treat yourself to that elephant ;o)
    Lots of love
    Rose H

  13. Beautiful! I love your perspective in your photos, so different than I usually see.


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