Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last Vienna Images.................

My final images of Vienna....................
a beautiful city. 

Note the Matisse exhibition poster painted on the 
steps with people going up and down - what a fabulous idea! 
Click to see closer detail.

Leaving on a sweet note................


  1. All that grand architecture was blowing me away, and then I scrolled down to see a glass case filled with delectible sweets! LOL... I would go nuts with taking photos in an urban setting like that, filling up my digital cards with all the details. Your photos are grand, and thank you for taking us along on your adventure!

  2. Dear Mary, Love these last shots of Vienna. Those caryatids are the most beautiful, the door surrounds fabulous. Have enjoyed your beautiful photographs of your last trip to Europe. Thank you for sharing. ox, Gina

  3. So beautiful. And wow! I love the painted steps. What a wonderful idea.

  4. Such stunning architecture and statuary. I had to click into the Matisse poster photo to really believe it. Amazing idea. Wouldn't it be lovely to step into a Viennese pastry shop and treat ourselves this Monday morning?

  5. Beautiful. I assume the bird is not part of the statue, a great shot of it in flight if it's not.
    Tempting treats for sure, I would have purchased one and then walked all the calories off, going down all the streets looking at those wonderful sights.
    Thanks for the trip.

  6. It's a really beautiful city. Even the sweets are beautiful. ;)

  7. Beautiful, yes! The first photo is stunning. Loved the Matisse poster on the steps. It almost felt like someone should be dancing up and down the steps. And the sweets to delight the eyes, but not add calories.

  8. Wow. I'm speechless. The sculptures are magnificent and you captured them perfectly!

  9. Oh Mary - I've already told you Vienna was my pick of the three cities - your beautiful photos have taken me there today - thank you!
    Please tell me you visited the Matisse exhibition - the rich history and culture of these old world places are food for the soul.


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