Sunday, November 10, 2013

November garden surprise #1....................

This was a total surprise, Mother Nature sharing more 
blooms on the mailbox clematis this weekend!

They are different from the Summer blooms, colors 
mottled and softer, but still so pretty.

More garden surprises coming soon.......


  1. A very lovely surprise to greet you at the mailbox.
    I have a clematis growing on my mailbox too, but it is looking rather crispy. I'm debating whether to cut it back as I know some are supposed to be cut back and others aren't.

  2. Indeed a wonderful surprise Mary. Beautiful photographs...perfect for a Sunday morning.

  3. I have never seen them bloom so late, but your in a different climate. I love these.
    When I moved I had to leave my precious "Nelly Moser" behind. I do plan to plant some new ones.

  4. It is so pretty. Love, love the color.
    We haven't had any clematis for quite awhile.
    Hope you had a delightful weekend.
    xoxo m

  5. She's very flamboyant dear Mary - has the post man fallen in love with her too!!!
    Love the colour and the markings - so striking.
    She's only leaving you a for a little while and coming over to my side of the world to share her beauty - a nice way to think of it don't you think dear?
    love and hugs

  6. What gorgeous, gorgeous blooms! So nice to have them this late in the season, Mary.


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