Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trumpets welcoming November.......................

I think they are pretty amazing, don't you?
Here it is, already into November when most flowers have 
gone and everything is dropping into shriveled, crispy 
piles around the southeast garden.
Then, after a rainy day, they 'trumpeted' loudly from 
their spot above the low wall where they grew through 
Spring and Summer, blooming some, but obviously waiting 
quietly to display their last hurrah!

Don't forget, beauty often comes with warnings! 
Read more HERE about angel trumpets (Brugmansia). 
All parts of the plant are poisonous, so before 
deciding to grow in your garden, if you have children or 
pets, you need to consider this.
Soon I will be pruning this one back to the ground and 
mulching heavily for Winter. Being semi-tropical it will 
only over-Winter in this area if protected from freezing. 
Late next Spring I hope to see new shoots appear as in many 
past years.


  1. Wow gorgeous! Why is it that some of the most beautiful plants are always poisonous? :( This one is thriving beautifully!


  2. What a show.

    I wonder if I can grow that in PA.

    Sould be able to.

    Lil Bit Brit

  3. Love the trumpets. I had one several years ago, which was grown in a pot. I cut it down to soil level and over Wintered it in the house, however, it did not survive.

  4. I can smell these from here! I LOVE these (I call them Datura) and they only survive in my greenhouse. The smell is divine in the evenings, but yes, extremely poisonous! xx

  5. Very nice November bloom. That wouldn't happen up here.

  6. I have never seen anything like this plant around these parts before and I guess they'd freeze here anyway but, they sure are beautiful! Wow. what a lot of blooms on that one plant. It's so nice to enjoy this late bloomer into November. Lovely!

  7. This really is a beautiful plant and the color suits fall! I assume this is a different species from the trumpet vine?


  8. Stunning! Do they always bloom this late in the fall? Or was it our crazy rainy summer this year?

  9. Amazing! I don't think I have ever seen one blooming so profusely.
    We have a trumpet vine, but it have bloomed only once. We pulled it
    out, but it came back, still not blooms.

  10. Is your email down? Surprised not to hear from you. Thought you might be poorly.

  11. Gorgeous trumpets. What a stunning way to usher summer out the door. I didn't know that they would grow in the northern hemisphere. We had them in Ecuador, and as you say, they are very poisonous - I believe laudanum comes from this plant, or something similar.


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