Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rainy Day.................

That's the only word to describe the view from the 
window this morning..........
...........with millions of leaves plastered to everything 
in view after an all night drenching rain. 
It's still coming down.

Thankful of course that all this rain isn't 
snow preventing people from traveling safely to
visit their families and friends around here.
Later today the rain should clear out, then tonight
temperatures will plummet to below freezing.
Thanksgiving Day will be sunny and chilly, 
normal for the season.

Off to start on preparations for tomorrow - just thought 
a weather report from the southeast would let all of you 
up north know, if it's any consolation, that it's far from 
warm in North Carolina too. 
I hope everyone is safe in the northeast US and 
eastern Canada as the big storm passes 
through your area today.

My Sorrow, when she's here with me, thinks these 
dark days of Autumn rain are beautiful as days 
can be; she loves the bare, the withered tree; 
she walks the sodden pasture lane.

Robert Frost..............My November Guest


  1. I love this photo and the Robert Frost verse. I wonder who his Sorrow, with a capital S was. I guess she like the dreary November weather and was probably quite healthy for it getting out for her walks. :) It's pouring here now and the temperature is climbing. I'm glad your Thanksgiving day will be sunny and cool. Have a cozy day, Mary. xo

  2. At least the sun is out here. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. Gorgeous photo, but it makes me want to snuggle up besides the fire in my winter dressing gown with a cup of hot chocolate.

  4. So glad you are warm and dry, Mary, and I hope there are no incidents as people travel. Love that photo and the Robert Frost verse.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Robert Frost has such a beautiful way with words.
    Keep warm and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Love to you and Bob

  6. We had that blasted rain too, and then we had snow on Wednesday! But it was only a half-inch and it stayed around for a mere couple of hours. Today it will be back up into the 50s! Good thing, because I need to get out and do some walking this afternoon.


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