Monday, November 11, 2013

November garden surprises #2..................

As mentioned earlier in the clematis post, November 
continues to keep Mother Nature busy here in 
the southeast.
We are lucky to have many warm and sunny days this late 
in the year, and they seem to coax the late blooming 
of a few plants we had almost written off.

Just looking about my garden over the weekend, besides 
the huge mass of angel trumpets (Brumansia) shown in an 
earlier post, I discovered a few new blue blooms mixed in 
with the dried heads on a hydrangea - wow, this made me happy......

......and yes, that dear old Peace rose just hasn't given 
up yet either, several large blooms this weekend and 
there's even another bud ready to open. Perfume is 
still quite strong so I cut one and brought 
inside for the kitchen window sill.
Lo and behold, then there was this peeking out of the 
pot at the bottom of the front steps! 
Yes, a morning glory bloom. Pale pinky white, 
no longer sky blue or purple. 
There must have been seeds remaining in this Summer 
pot - I had pulled all plants before leaving for Europe 
last month - but again, a lovely surprise.

Same clematis, my Nellie Moser, shown in the last post.
 I really got on texture mission following 
Donna's photo challenge this past Saturday! 
The flowers were perfect to play with... adding a little 
fantasy is always fun.


  1. How lovely. Ya'll really must be having mild weather. The photos look great! Tammy

  2. Dear Mary, Don't we love it when our gardens give us so many unexpected surprises. Often I see little morning glory starts in my garden or in my flower pots. I always let them grow and even move them into my greenhouse where they continue growing and blooming throughout the winter.

  3. Such pretty flowers - ours are long ago finished - we are moving into winter - which is a lot of rain - good days for stew and baking a pie.

  4. I must admit, I'm jealous! All blooming is over up here in the north. I'm so glad you have these surprises to enjoy!


  5. And more lovely surprises. It's November! You did some nice editing too. Have a lovely afternoon.

  6. I would be so excited to see that hydrangea and the morning glory.
    Autumn surprises are the very best. The leaves on my calla lilies
    are coming up, down the street to my surprise a flowering cherry actually
    has pink blooms. I really must capture some of these surprises with my
    camera later today. You inspire me with your photographs and textures.

  7. Hahaha, just don't get carried away and start texturing your clothes, walls, and food! Enjoy those blooms while they last. We're going to get some frigid weather here tomorrow and Wednesday, and it may be headed your way later on this week.

  8. Oh Mary the blue intensity of the hydrangea is quite magical - you are having fun!
    Lovely discoveries on your garden walk.
    And a gorgeous new header.... so artistic!

  9. Our november gardens are nothing like this! Btw, if you have loved Vienna and Budapest, you might like my photos from my recdent trip to belgrade, come and take a look.


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