Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holiday Antiquing in North Carolina........................

Acquaintances Philip and Faith recently moved their Oxford, North Carolina antiques business, Remember When, from a downtown street building to a charming roadside cottage. With an additional lot attached, they are now constructing fabulous outdoor spaces with thoughts of adding a hand-built barn for a large wedding/party venue. Inside, the charming cottage is loaded with items from antiques to locally made soaps, jellies and jams etc.

We made a stop here on my recent birthday country drive - it 
was delightful.

Pretty things at Remember When.

....meanwhile, as always, my favorite place for treasure hunting locally, SuzAnna's Antiques (below), is gearing up for the holiday season. Susie and daughter Jenny are now moving at a vigorous speed getting the shop, which seems to expand monthly, all decked out for holiday shopping. I snapped a few pics last weekend when dropping Jasmin off for work there, but you can bet it's already changed a lot since then! Christmas decor has started to be displayed by some great dealers.......and owners Susie and Jenny themselves who always find some awesome antiques to entice us to buy.

Do you enjoy sharing old and previously-loved items, antiques or vintage, as gifts? Some people on my list would be thrilled with cracks, chips, stains and patina.......others who are into modern and perfection might be insulted! I guess you just have to know who is who, and who embraces and loves what in this world of treasure hunting!


  1. Give me old pre-loved precious things any day - they have such beauty and history.
    Maybe it's an age thing but on saying that, I realise it's not as I have several young followers who appreciate the old, worn and shabby too!
    Lucky you dear Mary having such a shop close by - and also the excuse to pop in and see your sweet granddaughter!!!
    Anything old here seems to be classed as antique and collectable with unrealistic prices - quite crazy.
    The price to pay for living in the colonies I guess!!!
    much love and hugs
    Shane x

  2. Its that time of the year, isn't it? :) Love all the items you posted on your photos! Lovely!


  3. I have friends who are both ways too Mary. I have given old things to one friend and she was very appreciative. I have another who only likes new things. I'm loving all the goodies at Suzanna's.

  4. I am an antique lover! (Oh, I want that green transfer ware pitcher...) And we love to visit interesting shops like those noted in your post when we are traveling!

  5. How I would love the old and chippy gifts. I just recognized the teacup in your header.
    I don't have one friend locally that loves the old and chippy stuff. Tomorrow I go to my
    first bazaars of the holidays. One of them is run by little old ladies and sometimes I
    find a treasure, hope, hope, hoping! The other is just for the fun a looking. The antique
    holiday sale is not for a couple more weeks and I will be there with bells on. Another
    antique holiday market starts this weekend and I may stop there too. Oh jingle bells are
    coming our way! Christmas shopping and crafting has been started.

  6. Most of my friends love the old, chippy things - as do I. What delightful places you have visited - so many pretties.

  7. I love seeing the pictures you take of the shop! I always see things in a different light through your eyes!!


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