Sunday, November 24, 2013

From acorns grow mighty oaks.................

This week a very special blog friend Gina posted on 
her gift of giant acorns from Texas. 
Although acorns are perfect in their natural state, 
you should see how stunningly beautiful they become once 
Gina's amazing artistic talent goes to work on them!  
Click HERE for the link to the special acorn post 
on her beautiful blog 
Art and Alfalfa and see her golden beauties.

Visit Gina HERE in her alfalfa are 
in for a real treat if you've not stopped by before.

Meanwhile, following my visit to Gina's studio, where she generously shares a tutorial on turning everyday acorns into little golden gems.............I was out in the garden yesterday foraging through the now ankle deep fallen leaves, searching for my own acorns, and taking a few pics of late Autumn offerings. This sad looking heap of mostly empty acorn cups was about it when it came to gathering.

Last year we had millions drop from our very old oaks, this year hardly any. Last year they rolled down the roof by the hundreds, falling in groups when the wind blew, covering the deck in a thick carpet, and requiring daily sweeping to ensure walking was safe. Our ever growing family of squirrels were in acorn heaven! This year hardly a one. Acorns are cyclical, read more HERE, so it looks like the squirrels will have a problem this Winter......and our bird/squirrel feeders will be very busy!

But all is not lost. 
I will have three large lovelies to transform! 
Luckily I saved these from last year and I think they will 
look beautiful dressed in gold. 
Thank you Gina for the great idea.....
.....even Mother Nature might be envious!

The back garden - November 2013


  1. How gloriously Autumnal your garden looks, I do envy you the little house, it's so much more than a shed!

  2. I will go over and check out that tutorial - we have a lot of acorns around here!


  3. Your fall leaves look so pretty scattered on the ground. I am off to visit Gina!

  4. I'm off to go look at the link and see what is in store for those acorns! We've had a pretty good year of acorns here, I think, though I have not ventured down to the backyard lately to see how many are scattered about. I love your backyard, bedecked in autumn glory!

  5. Your garden is beautiful in Autumn, Mary. And now . . . I'm off to read Gina's acorn post.

  6. Acorns are small around here, and I usually just find the caps. How pretty yours look on that creamy white plate with gold trim. I'll be checking out Gina's page.

  7. Hi Mary - if you would like to try making a Christmas pudding then please let me know and I will send you the recipe. You can buy vegetarian suet (which is what I use as my son is vegetarian).

  8. I just love fall colors, they are much warmer than any other season's

  9. The acorns are so beautiful just plain or with gold.
    Your yard is golden in it's delights of Autumn.
    Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends.


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