Friday, November 15, 2013

Autumn evening in Washington, D.C.

I'm on the road with my suitcase overnight bag, my 
typewriter laptop, and my world globe GPS. 
Fortunately I was able to leave my Radio Flyer sled 
at home because the weather is fine here in 
Washington, D.C. Not a sign of snow for this weekend.

Checked into the hotel at dusk because we detoured to an 
always exciting bit of Swedish heaven....Virginia's big 
blue IKEA. Bought a few things of course.......and 
had a lot of fun being silly!

Walked, yes love to walk in cities, 
to an excellent Greek restaurant this evening. 
It was a mild and calm 55F - my kind of weather.

Will take some pics around the city tomorrow.
It always feels a bit like coming home when I'm here.
It was my very first 'home away from home' when I left that 
little English seaside town and ventured (or perhaps that 
should that be adventured) forth across the pond to this
huge important city.


  1. Oh you're both having lots of fun Mary - the years are rolling back to the old days when you two met!

    What a year you're having!!!

    Love and hugs
    Shane xoxox

  2. We love Ikea too, but haven't played those games quite!

  3. I hope you enjoy your visit Mary! I recently moved from Richmond VA to the Eastern Panhandle of WV, not far from the DC area. We have the MARC train that we can take to get there from here. And IKEA! Two stores right there around the DC area and then one in Dale City! And if you can, pop over to Harpers Ferry WV - rich with history and soooo beautiful! And in nearby Northern Virginia - Leesburg and Lucketts for antiques shopping AND most wonderful of all - The Village of Waterford, VA - A National Historic Landmark. Do let us know more about your trip! (I'm following your blog now.)

  4. I LOVE Ikea!! There is none east of Montreal so we only get to visit one when we're in Calgary, which is fine by me, except we can't bring anything home with us on the plane!! Have fun!

  5. Glad you are having a wonderful time and the weather is good! I've never been to an IKEA store so I'm jealous, LOL. The whole DC area is great for a visit. I lived there 1978-1980. I think it's better to visit than it is to live through the hustle and bustle each day.

  6. Enjoy ... enjoy! I lived in DC for two years way back in the late 60s. Every time I return I relive all of the wonderful memories. I
    I'm on my way back this May, can't wait.

  7. Delightful visit to Ikea. I do love the DC area. Last time I was there I rambled on to the Battlefield at Mananas, lots of beauty in the Virginia hills/mountains. Enjoy your visit.

  8. Such fun - I'm glad you are having a great time.

  9. Miss you both! Have a lovely weekend in DC. Love, Vanessa

  10. Love seeing your silliness, alot!
    Love the elephant!
    I was at IKEA recently for a quick visit
    to get a little table for Desmond. He loves it.


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