Friday, November 22, 2013

What are you wishing for?

Retail merchants do seem overly anxious to rush us 
through the seasons, don't they?

Today, while shopping for Thanksgiving groceries, I felt overwhelmed more by Christmas items left, right and center. 
Once Thanksgiving is over will I be out there gathering more stuff for Christmas on that crazy Friday? No way! I refuse to go anywhere near a retail building be it a gigantic mall or a tiny boutique. I will stay here, opening the big green storage boxes waiting patiently inside the attic door, taking my much loved Christmas decorations out of their tissue wrappings. If time permits, and the day is warmish, I will put up my small faux tree in the gazebo. Yes, I will be wishing for a gentle start to the beautiful season of Christmas. Still a bit early compared to those childhood days when we didn't do much until Christmas Eve, but, like most people these days, I will make a start.

What are your plans for Black Friday?
Will you shop 'til you drop....or stay home 
and start your decorating?


  1. Mary, I don't go near retail on Black Friday. We'll have house guests for the week, so I think we will take in a museum. Enjoy your time with the Christmas boxes. Hope to get out my things the first week of December.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Sadly , it is all out of proportion now. The rush of seasons seems so wrong, when we should just be calmly enjoying each one.

  3. Dear Mary, Could not have said it better. My Christmas decorations are treasures that I look forward to unwrapping every year. This year will be less because we will be in Europe. There never has been a black Friday shopping for me and I doubt there ever will be. Love the French window mirror and the way you decorated it.

  4. We have our own Black Friday here in Canada now so that our shoppers won't got across the border to shop. I was out to town yesterday and there were a lot of really good sales on. I was quite surprised. And it's a whole week before the 'Black Friday' Canadian style! I'd be with you and stay at home too. Monday and Tuesday are great days to shop this time of year as it's not so busy. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs.

  5. Stay home - definitely! We never venture out on Black Friday. It's just a mess of traffic and crowds. We are quite contented to do the majority of our shopping online! We're going on a little trip in December, so we're going to start decorating this weekend. With all the work involved, we want to enjoy it a while before having to pack it back up again.

  6. I don't ever go out on Black Friday - but then I am not a shopper. Internet shopping was invented just for me I think. Besides - have you noticed that after Black Friday the prices go way down - even lower than Black Friday - so people are once again being duped. We are doing hand made gifts for the adults in our family - but still shopping for the grandsons - I'm enjoying handmade.

  7. Hi dear! Well black Friday was never part of my favorite things to do here, I really don't even know what it means still... I have already decorated my Christmas tree! It is definitely my favorite holiday to decor, so that's why I never had any other holiday decor accessories. We will be home enjoying some Christmas songs and I'll probably make a thoughtful homemade meal... Looking forward to seeing you! Love, Vanessa

  8. I will stay home and start my decorating. I thought I would be doing a little decorating this week, but time slipped away. I usually always wait until the day after Thanksgiving, but this year it is a week later.

  9. Stay home and start pulling out the decorations in my green tubs.
    I did get ginger bread cookie dough made today and waiting to be baked
    in the refrigerator in the next couple days and scones in the freezer.
    No shopping for me on Friday or Saturday. Have fun reacquainting yourself
    with your decorations, can't wait to see.

  10. Here in Canada the stores are advertising Black Friday prices now. It just doesn't make sense at all. I'll pull out a few decorations next week and start slowly. I like your word choice of "gently" to describe how to start Christmas.
    Your decorations are sure to be beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing bits and pieces here on your blog.


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