Thursday, November 21, 2013

A southern season....................

Quick, take a look before it's gone.....a memory of color 
such as this will be all that's remaining very soon. 
The leaves will soon be soggy piles along the curb, then 
sucked up by the city vacuum truck and taken to the 
mulching center
Click above to enlarge and view the colors at the cottage 
on these beautiful Autumn days here in the south.

You know how I'm a lover of all things neutral inside the cottage, but when it comes to the garden and exterior of my home Nature takes over and paints my garden. I have no say as she splashes brilliant color and subtle shadows haphazardly across the house and up into the old, tall oaks. The smaller trees, dogwood and maple, become deep rich red and old gold, the fig leaves, now crumbled and green-grey have dropped to the ground. Camellias, with thick glossy leaves of bright green, now have chunky buds opening into deep pink blooms.........and everywhere a thick golden carpet has been unrolled and laid across the landscape.

Thank you dear Mother are an artist extraordinaire! 


  1. Lovely pictures, all our leaves are mostly on the ground now, the Acer dropped its glorious red leaves in the frost the other night, I was so cross I had not taken a photo of it.

  2. Oh my gosh Mary... GORGEOUS!!! Everything about that last photo is perfection. From the crystal blue sky to the stunning autumn hues of the trees and there in the middle your charming yellow cottage with the white picket fence and arbor.

  3. Mary, your surroundings are just beautiful! All of our leaves are gone, and the sky is gray...(couldn't help myself, had to sing the Mama's and Papa's song).

  4. Brrrrr, it is cold and sunny in Bend Oregon this morning. Ski season just days away!

  5. Oh Mary
    Those Autumn colours are divine!
    Your garden is so pretty every season of the year - with your cottage nestled in to the landscape - what a picture!!!
    Hold on to that exquisite image when the days are grey.
    Shane XOX

  6. It certainly is beautiful there now Mary. I love the golden light from the sun shining on the trees. Your cottage is beautifully set in the midst of this scene. Enjoy the last golden days of autumn. Pamela

  7. It's been a late but beautiful fall after all and you've caught the color in such a striking way framing your house. I also enjoyed your notecards with the old book theme,

  8. I can see why the beautiful birds you have come a'visiting. What an oasis of loveliness to entice them there.

  9. Leaves are falling like rain here. I spent the afternoon sweeping and bagging leaves because they predict rain in the forecast. Hope they are on target.

  10. Fall has the best colors of the year............

  11. Dear Mary, Your photographs make me so happy. What gorgeous and uplifting colors. It's pretty grey around here and until the snow covers everything, it will stay that way.

  12. such a beautiful home Mary ♥ the colours in your yard are gorgeous! most of the leaves are off the trees here ~ windy and rainy today.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  13. The fall colors look glorious! I bet it's time to clean out the gutters now, LOL.


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