Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving, now a lovely memory...................

Thanksgiving Day, which for us was lovely, tasty, friendly, and with some of our family present to share it with, was special this year. For we two oldsters, a total of three days prepping, cooking, cleaning up..........was all worth the time and energy spent, and hopping collapsing into bed early last evening after the hugs and goodbyes, we were exhausted but truly thankful for all we have, and the love shown to us.

Many blogging friends are showing their lovely 
Thanksgiving photos today - 
here are a few of mine as several overseas 
friends asked to see what we do here at the cottage 
for this very special American holiday. 

I really didn't have a chance to take many photos, 
not even one of the turkey, or of all the accompanying 
dishes - just too busy in the kitchen! These are shots 
of the table as I was setting it - 
so at least you can see my centerpiece 
(using those lovely pumpkins as promised), and the 
fantastic apple pie (Penny's recipe HERE
I baked at 6 AM that morning!

On the sideboard is my gorgeous linen - monogrammed 
with my initials inside - French bread basket, waiting for 
rolls which my daughter brought later. This was a gift some 
years back from a dear blogger friend who has now returned to 
live in her beautiful Cornwall after many years in Brittany, France. 

Just visible above, those golden acorns, thanks to the 
idea and tutorial from Gina HERE - I tucked them into 
the pumpkin - and will also be 
using them at Christmas.
Also, a tiny glimpse my new floors - I'm still thrilled 
with them!

Here's the special young lady who wanted me to fix 
Thanksgiving dinner this year, how could I refuse. 
Granddaughter Jasmin tucking into not only my apple pie, 
but trying pecan pie (that one thanks to Costco's baker) too! 
She liked Grandma's apple pie best, LOL!

Hoping you each enjoyed Thanksgiving Day if you are 
here in the USA, or, if American, you were able to celebrate 
this very special day someplace else in this wide world.

P.S. Remember I refused to do the Black Friday shopping thing - and I'm sticking to that promise. Here it is already afternoon and I've not gone out the door. Actually I'm still in my jammies! Just enjoying some lounging about time after all that excitement yesterday.


  1. Fantastic table dear! You are so kind when thinking of serving people... best table setting I have seen were at your place. Just beautiful! Miss you! Looking froward to seeing you very soon! Love, Vanessa

  2. Hi Mary, your Thanksgiving table looks lovely and it's so nice you had family to gather around for the celebration. Have you started your Christmas decorating yet? :) Just wondering. Enjoy the weekend. xo Pamela

  3. Lovely pictures as usual Mary, You table looks lovely.......and what a nice family picture......hope you are putting your feet up today.

  4. Beautiful thanksgiving table. Beautiful family photo.

  5. It all looks delicious, Mary. Your table is beautiful, as of course I knew it would be. No Black Friday shopping here either - it's wonderful to just relax and enjoy the hours as they slip by, stress free.

  6. What a beautiful table! Looks like a perfect celebration. I am with you on black Friday. You won't catch me out there in that insanity!

  7. Beautiful dear Mary
    I love how you've shown restraint!
    The soft grey pumpkins and the gold acorns are a great combination - they look so pretty with the dried hydrangeas.
    Lovely linen - I've got a similar linen bread basket that I bought it in Chablis!
    Jasmin has such a beautiful smile.
    I'm not surprised you're still in your jimjams - you must be exhausted - I imagine I'll be like that on Boxing Day!!!
    Shane XOX

  8. Mary, looks like you had a wonderful day! Love the decorations!

  9. Dear Mary - the table looks simply beautiful, but to make a day go with a swing it does require much more input than many realise. Hopefully you have got plenty of leftovers to snack on whilst pottering in your jammies - what a beautiful girl Jasmine is.

  10. Your table looks lovely! The apple pie - delicious!
    What a wonderful family gathering. I have a feeling
    everyone enjoyed immensely. Jammies sounds about
    right for the day after. I tossed on comfy clothes and
    headed for a massage, ohhhhh, so nice!

  11. Your Thanksgiving table looks beautiful, Mary and that apple pie looks almost too perfect to eat. It's easy to see why it was Jasmin's favorite.
    I am with you on the Black Friday issue. I avoided fighting the mobs in favor of fighting with my Christmas lights. LOL.

  12. Grandma,

    Thank you for working so hard to make Thanksgiving so special. I loved it almost as much as I love you! However, words will never be capable of making you realize how thankful for you I truly I am and, I believe I speak for everyone when I say that you are the greatest grandma, mother, sister, wife, and friend that anyone could ever ask for. I love you so much. Thank you for everything you do.


  13. Your table looks beautiful! So glad that you had a wonderful celebration! We had a quiet and relaxing holiday. And we're staying home (except for Mr. Jim's radiation treatment yesterday) for the whole weekend. Any shopping I need to do, I can do online!

  14. A beautiful setting for a celebration of thanks. Thanks for the photos.

  15. Dear Mary, How nice it is to see such a beautiful table,,,such lovely colors and so different from the usual orange, brown and yellow. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I know how hectic it gets when trying to put everything on the table, taking pictures was probably the last thing on your mind.

  16. Your table looked lovely Mary! Thank you for mentioning my apple pie recipe. I am so glad you enjoyed it! Jasmin is such a beautiful young lady!


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