Friday, November 1, 2013

Flooring love - now you see it.....................

Sitting here at dawn this morning I was thankful and 
very happy. I am thrilled with my new 'old' floors.
I feel now that the cottage has become well and 
truly 'a cottage' in its own sweet way.

You know how it is when you consider a major change in 
your home.......the initial excitement has you anxious to 
start the work, then turns you into a 'nervous Nellie' 
as the actual day gets closer.........................

...........and once the cacophony of saws, drills, hammers, and 
Mexican songs are filling the air, your heart pounds in 
tune with the rhythms of construction and you wonder 
did you make the right decision, will you like it?

These are the first quick pics I've taken of the new 
floors - lighting not perfect but I think I caught the 
colors quite well so you get a good idea of what 
'Heathered Oak' looks like.
Overall look is more grey with just enough brown tones
to make it blend perfectly with our woodwork.

Working on this project with Mike and Kelly of Carolina In Home Flooring has been a great experience.......and, along with a beautiful floor, we have made delightful new friends. Their excitement during the installation, and then their exuberance when they stopped by to see the finished job, showed they were as thrilled as we are. Their crew did an awesome job, nothing damaged, the house left with very little dust, and the clean-up close to perfect. 

Here you can see the texture and subtle knots and scrapes which make the flooring look authentic - remember this is a laminate product, not hardwood. The matte finish love, no high shine plastic appearance, the floor feels solid (good eco-silencer padding), no echoes noticeable with the carpet gone now that I've started putting things back in order - still more to go. Cleaning, washing china, curtains and slip covers, polishing crystals and mirrors.....a nice clean house again.

Today I plan to wax the armoire .......I'm glad I painted it, looks lovely, will share completed job later. Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint makes me want to tackle several other painting projects - Bob, don't stand still! Later this afternoon Bob's new chair will be delivered making the living room 'done' for the time being. Putting the dining room together again next......and before we know it, time to think about digging out Christmas decorations!


  1. Love the floor, lovely colour too,look forward to seeing the waxes armoire, I have been thinking about using Annie Slaon to paint the dresser I bought when we moved here, if that turns out ok I will be painting the bookcases and the cupboard in the corner that the TV sits on.

    1. Thanks dear. Hope your painting projects turn out part of paint is that it can always be corrected, if necessary!
      Happy weekend.

  2. Mary, I am entranced with the color, look, feel of your new floor! Good job, you!

  3. Very chic Scandinavian, just what I would have chosen.

  4. Beautiful! I thought it was wood until you said otherwise. Glad to see it's done and done well. My cousin has had a bathroom redo going on for over a month now and she's ready for it to be finished :) Enjoy! Best wishes, Tammy

  5. It turned out lovely Mary! The color is so perfect. I know you are thrilled to pieces with it. I am looking forward to seeing your armoire painted.

  6. Hello dear Mary
    Your floor is lovely - It seems to give a very spacious look!
    Shane x

  7. Dear Mary - the task seems to have been accomplished so quickly and successfully - it all looks beautiful.
    I know how you feel about whether you have chosen correctly, the right colour etc. but so lovely when it works out in the way you had hoped and anticipated.

  8. Your new floors look beautiful Mary! I love the colour and the rustic look to them. Hard to believe they aren't hardwood. I'm glad you are satisfied with them and the work done. Pam

  9. How exciting and fun to see it, Mary!
    Loving it, as I know you are.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a delightful weekend playing in your house.

  10. Oh, Mary, how exciting to have your new floors in. Gorgeous color. I look forward to more shots of your beautiful home.

  11. Hooray! It looks beautiful! Oh, you will love the ease of taking care of the hard surface. It's so much better than carpet!

  12. Wow. You picked the perfect flooring to compliment your lovely decor!

  13. I love your cottage floors Mary, they're superb :o)
    Rose H

  14. Just lovely - I long for some wood floors myself - but I'll have to wait on that project - maybe someday.

  15. F A N T A S T I C!!! Oh my goodness! Dear, the floors look fabulous! I can't believe how beautiful it makes everything looks! I'm glad you've got them done, your home looks even prettier! Can't wait to visit you and see it in person. Love much, miss you lots! Vanessa

  16. Then floors look great! (They remind me of the floors in my dollhouse kitchen.) Beautiful.


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