Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Autumn sunrise at a new time............................

I'm loving these Autumn mornings now the clocks 
have changed.....time takes on a different feeling. 
Sunrise has been beautiful the past few days. 
Just before seven o'clock, golden rays push through the 
trees into this upstairs bedroom window where I've hung 
a lovely embroidered vintage blouse instead of curtains. 
A lovely way to start the new day.

Life is busy....still sorting through household 
stuff, washing china, editing and re-purposing, 
vignette designing.....just getting 
the cottage together again following the new 
flooring installation.
Hope to catch up with everyone soon.


  1. Lovely dear... what a pretty way to display a favorite blouse, love the idea of using it as a "curtain". I have been enjoying the new time and sunrise as well, the sun light makes me happy. Have a wonderful day dear! Miss you! Vanessa

  2. A very pretty way to greet the day.
    Don't know if I commented or not, but your new flooring looks fabulous. How nice it will be to have everything all put back together just in time for the holidays.
    I'm loving our current weather.

  3. I too have noticed where the sun is shining in the windows and where it's 'not' shining in since the time change. We get lots of great sunshine all afternoon on the back of our house, including the dining room and kitchen windows, which really brightens up the living room too. That's where I 'live' most of the day so I enjoy it. I like the pretty sheer blouse hanging on the window. Have a great day!

  4. The sunrises have been beautiful here too. I love the vintage blouse hanging there. Have fun fluffing!

  5. This is a lovely post Mary. Beautiful blouse.


  6. This is quite magical with the sun shining through the lovely sheer blouse - it looks like 1920's vintage - you are so creative dear Mary!
    The play of light is very special.
    Thinking of you and hoping the arms are holding up with all that you're doing just now.....
    Love your tweaked header btw!
    Shane xox

  7. The low lying sun is so beautiful now and gives a new warmness to the rooms. I'm itching to start on the festive decorations now! I love your idea of hanging the blouse. Have a wonderful day. xx

  8. I have just been to Budapest, Vienna and Prague and really enjoyed seeing all gorgeous photographs and reading about your trip. I am sure you will be returning to collect all those shoes. Glad to see you had a wonderful time and all three cities looked so beautiful and so much to see.
    I liked your quiet day out and your thoughts about your childhood. It is so true, how fast the years go by. You are a great example of someone who loves life and you have certainly seen the world with all your adventures. Best Wishes for the next ten years.
    Your garden looks beautiful and so does the new look in your cottage. Glad you are still enjoying some warm sunshine. Take care x

  9. It's like the new time change has brought us more than one gift in the way the light shines in through the windows in the morning....I have to admit I am having a hard time adjusting to the early darkness of the afternoons but I will adjust to that as soon as I get my knitting needles clicking again.....

  10. That vintage blouse is stunning.
    I do love the morning sun and was thinking tomorrow I need to take a picture or two.
    Now you have inspired me to get the camera out.
    Hugs, m

  11. That is such a beautiful photo! Sounds like you're enjoying autumn. Personally, I wish they'd just stick with DST year 'round. I enjoyed getting up in the dark and having daylight longer in the afternoons. Thanks for that great shot!

  12. We are loving the time change in the morning, but not so much in the evening. One of the things I like best about the winter light is that the sun sits lower on the horizon. So shadows are extended and more prominent!

    Isn't it funny how you go to put everything back and you can't remember what goes where? At least it works that way for me!

  13. The morning sun is so beautiful shining through your sheer blouse. It's good to savour the days of light against the coming darkness. Have fun putting things back together.


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